Crafting Guide

Are you wondering “what the heck is crafting and how do I do it”?  Crafting has started to become very confusing – what with loot, bought items, birthday gifts, red slots, hammers and all the rest. So this guide has been created to make the whole ‘crafting’ experience a lot more fun and a little less daunting.



Under your ‘inventory’ there is a tab called ‘crafting’. You will need to purchase, collect and craft various ingredients and items in order to make (otherwise known as ‘craft’) various cheeses and other items which you will need as you progress in the game.  If you click on your crafting tab, you will see a form to the left.  This form allows you to experiment with combining different items of varying quantities.

If you try a combination that does not create an item you will keep your ingredients unless you have used the red slot.  Using the red slot may (but does not always), result in failing to craft an item and losing all of the ingredients you attempted to combine.  As you level up you will become less likely to fail when crafting because more and more ‘safe’ slots become available to you.  When you have successfully crafted an item it is added to your inventory under its appropriate tab (i.e. cheese or traps).

Crafting slots are what allow you to combine various items. You can combine however many safe items you wish (in whatever quantity you choose) as your level allows. The safe/red slots for each level are as follows:

  • Novices cannot craft items
  • As an Apprentice you have 1 safe slot & 1 red slot – a total of 2
  • As Journeyman you have 2 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 3
  • As a Master you have 3 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 4
  • As Grandmaster you have 4 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 5
  • As a Legendary you have 5 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 6
  • As a Hero you have 6 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 7
  • As a Knight you have 7 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 8
  • As a Lady/Lord you have 8 safe slots & 1 red slot – a total of 9
  • As Baron/Baroness you have 9 safe slots & 1 red slot – total of 10

You can find each of these ingredients in the following General Stores:


Harbour (Gnawnia) General Store:curds_and_whey

Training Grounds (Furoma) General Store:

Bazaar (Burroughs) General Store:

Catacombs (Bristle Woods) General Store:

Lagoon (Whisker Woods) General Store:cloth

Cape Clawed (Tribal Isles) General Store:

The following items can be collected as loot:

The following items can be collected by using your crafting hammer on certain items:

The following cheeses are collected as and when your cheeses go stale and are then added to your inventory:

radioactive_blue_inv      Radioactive Sludge: when RB goes stalesludge

      Stale Cheese: when any cheese other than RB

      or SB goes stale

      Stale SB+: when SB+ goes stale


Ok, so now that you know what crafting is, how to do it and where to find the necessary ingredients, what can you make?  Thanks to the pioneering efforts of some brave and very patient hunters, most of the work has been done for you. There are recipes for cheeses, bases, new traps and more all on the MH Kitchen group page. You can find us here:

That’s it folks. Hopefully, this guide will have made things a little easier for you. Please feel free to come and join our fun-loving and hard-working group at The MH Kitchen (MHK).  We also run a Recipe Reward Scheme where you can cash in big on any new discoveries you make.   Logo 3b

See you in the Kitchen
~ Tess

MHK Head Chef


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