Hero:   As a hero, you are now able to travel to the Jungle of Dread. 

When you have the Chieftain blueprints, or if you’re like me and you’re too impatient to wait, you can head to jungle.

Tribal Isles

Before you do, if you have a spare 2.7 million gold lying around, head to Cape Clawed and purchase yourself the new shadow trap that’s available there. Stats are:

Clockapult of Time Trap

2275 powerClockapult of Time
Power Type: Shadow
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh
Show description
As a golden platform accelerates near 88 miles per hour, the hands of this spooky-looking clock begin to spin with incredible speed. With a faint flash of purple light, the mouse is sent far into the future. To an outside observer, the trap appears to trigger in the blink of an eye, but to a mouse caught within the event, the journey seems much, much longer. The clock begins to blur as the hands spin faster and faster. The clock face glows eerily as everything that was once the present blends to what was once the future.

Also now available for purchase in Cape Clawed are a set of blueprints for 158,175 gold. You’ll need these to craft the new Acolyte Trap but you don’t need them immediately, so if you’ll a little short of gold you can always come back and get these later. Blueprint stats:

Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece
Ancient Torn BlueprintThis slightly damaged scrap of paper appears to be the corner of a blueprint. Etched onto the paper appears to be plans of an ancient trap. Only occasionally found washing up on the eastern shore of Cape Clawed, these scraps of blueprint are rare and valuable. Perhaps finding the rest of the blueprint will unlock its mysteries…

Ok, what next? We can now be farmers on MH and pick our Pepper plants 😀 – we can’t be very good farmers though because once we’ve picked the plant it obviously dies because it no longer appears under the ‘misc’ tab 😦

Picking each plant will give you varying amounts of peppers (between 1 and 5). Once you’ve picked them all, you’ll find that you have 6 different peppers under your crafting tab. These are:


Each of these peppers need to be crafted with various ingredients to make 6 different types of Harvarti cheese which you’ll need to use in the Jungle to attract each of the 6 mice found there. The cheese recipes are as follows:

SPICY HAVARTI: This recipe makes ~~~ 6 pieces ~~~
6 x Spicy Red Peppers
Spicy Havarti12 x Coconut Milk
18 x C& W
6 x Salt
Cheese Effect: Made from flakes of Spicy Red Peppers, this Havarti is constantly at risk of spontaneous combustion. Its scent resembles that of fresh magma and seems to attract the Magma Carrier mouse.

PUNGENT HAVARTI: This recipe makes ~~~ 6 pieces ~~~
6 x Pungent Purple Peppers
Pungent Havarti8 x Coconut Milk
18 x C& W
6 x Salt
Cheese Effect: Dripping with the foul smelling juices of a Pungent Purple Pepper, the Chitinous mouse finds this putrid smelling bait irresistible.

CREAMY HAVARTI: This recipe makes ~~~ 6 pieces ~~~
6 x Creamy Orange Peppers
Creamy Havarti10 x Coconut Milk
18 x C& W
6 x Salt
Cheese Effect: Made from Creamy Orange Peppers, this incredibly smooth tasting Havarti is the perfect bait for hunting the mighty Jurassic Mouse.

MAGICAL HAVARTI: This recipe makes ~~~ 6 pieces ~~~
6 x Magical Blue Peppers
Magical Havarti2 x Coconut Milk
18 x C& W
6 x Salt
Cheese Effect: Made from Magical Blue Peppers, the Stonework Warrior mouse harnesses the magic of this Havarti to remain alive.

CRUNCHY HAVARTI: This recipe makes ~~~ 6 pieces ~~~
6 x Crunchy Green Peppers
Crunchy Havarti4 x Coconut Milk
18 x C& W
6 x Salt
Cheese Effect: Filled with chunks of Crunchy Green Peppers, this cheese is a favourite of the Fetid Swamp mouse.

SWEET HAVARTI: This recipe makes ~~~ 6 pieces ~~~
6 x Sweet Yellow Peppers
Sweet Havarti6 x Coconut Milk
18 x C& W
6 x Salt
Cheese Effect: Made from the Sweet Yellow Peppers, this Havarti has an intense sweet flavour that Primal mice love.

So, you have your new shadow trap, you’ve baited it with Havarti and you’ve headed into the Jungle. Now you’ll need to catch 6 new mice, each oneFire Salt carrying loot (the points are AMAZING – each mouse worth between roughly 20 and 50 thousand points heheeee). All 6 may drop Fire Salt (current use unknown) and Runic Cheese Curd Potions. As Lady I can craft 8 runic (using sb) or 4 runic (using brie) with it. Each of the six will also drop the following loot:

Magma Carrier MouseEncrusted Metal of Time
Dropped by the Magma Carrier mouse in the Jungle of Dread (use Spicy Harvarti to attract)
Many have long studied this mysterious metal. The metal possesses a magical property that causes a rust-coloured substance to form on its surface when exposed to water for long periods of time. Although research of this phenomenon is ongoing, many suspect magic to be the root of the cause.Chitinous Mouse

Timeless Mystic Gem
Dropped by the Chitinous mouse in the Jungle of Dread (use Pungent
These gems look as though they are filled with a swirling blue vapour. Their appearance is constantly shifting, giving the illusion of being cut with an infinite number of facets.

Jurassic MouseAncient Relic Staff
Dropped by the Jurassic mouse in the Jungle of Dread (use Creamy Harvarti to attract)
An ancient staff from a time long forgotten. This small branch appears insignificant at first glance, however the longer one gazes directly at it, the stronger its inciting glow becomes.Stonework Warrior Mouse

Engraved Solid Stone Slab
Dropped by the Stonework Warrior mouse in the Jungle of Dread (use Magical Harvarti to attract)
When placed near Timeless Mystic Gems, the engravings begin to emit a light that seems to draw power-hungry mice near.

Fetid Swamp MouseHinge of Eternity
Dropped by the Fetid Swamp mouse in the Jungle of Dread (use Crunchy Harvarti to attract)
Hunters from past and present agree that this small hinge is clearly the most epic way to attach two objects, allowing limited, yet awesome, rotation around a fixed axis.Primal Mouse

Ethereal Rope
Dropped by the Primal mouse in the Jungle of Dread (use Sweet Harvarti to attract)
Glowing brightly, this rope magically takes on any length its owner wishes. Very handy for large games of tug-of-war!

Once you have these loot items, as well as each of the blueprints from the Chieftain mice and the Cape Clawed blueprints, you can craft your Acolyte trap (you need to craft the trap blueprints first):

1 x Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece – Buy at Cape Clawed GS
1 x Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece – Loot from Nerg Chief
1 x Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece – Loot from Elub Chief
1 x Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece – Loot from Derr Chief

Hinge of Eternity1 x Ancient Box Trap Blueprints – Crafted Item
1 x Encrusted Metal of Time – Loot from Magma mouse
1 x Timeless Mystic Gem – Loot from Chitinous mouse
1 x Ancient Relic Staff – Loot from Jurassic mouse
1 x Engraved Solid Stone Slab – Loot from Stonework WarriorEncrusted Metal of Time
1 x Hinge of Eternity – Loot from Fetid Swamp mouse
1 x Ethereal Rope – Loot from Primal mouse
Timeless Mystic GemDescription:
4,300 power
Power Type: Forgotten
Power Bonus: 10%Engraved Solid Stone Slab
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Ethereal RopeA trap design that has long withstood the test of time. The parts of this trap emit a powerful glow capable of mesmerizing power-hungry, greedy mice. The heavy stone box teeters precariously upon the Ancient Relic Staff awaiting a mouse to pull the Ethereal Rope and cause the box to slam shut and magically fuse with the base. It is only this simple, long-forgotten trap that is capable of defeating the powerful Acolyte mouse.


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