LEGENDARY:   Now that you’ve reached the renowned rank of Legendary, you can travel to the Bristle Woods region which includes the Catacombs, Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm.  In addition, you can now craft your ship and travel to Rodentia and hunt on the S.S. Huntington II as well as hunt in the Tribal Isles region.

Acolyte Realm

THE CATACOMBS:   If you thought the Moz was bad… hang onto your hats ladies and gentlemen – Bristle woods are a riot! (if you love the colours Ancient Cheesered and grey that is lol)  You should be using RB here but you can also use Ancient cheese (I told you that Stale cheese would come in handy eventually).  Once you have had your tattered Moz map restored at the Bazaar Cartographer you can now travel to the Catacombs (Cats) where you will encounter a new breed of ‘forgotten’ mice.  In order to effectively catch these mice, you need a trap with arcane power.  There are currently 3.  The first – the Obelisk of Slumber (OoS) can be purchased from the Cats General Store for 316,350 gold.  The second – the Obelisk of Incineration (OoI) must be crafted by Scrap Metalsmashing your OoS to obtain Obelisk Parts which must be combined with the OoI blueprints, 1 coal, 2 scrap metal and 3 splintered wood.  Coal and scrap metal are loot items that currently can only be obtained from Cats mice (some of you may have received some of these items in your MH birthday gifts).  The third, the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery Trap (the ACRONYM trap) also requires crafting.  You will need Obelisk parts, 12Scavenger Mouse scrap metal, 1 onyx stone, 3 magic essence and the Mysterious Blueprints.  It would be prudent at this point to let you know that the ACRONYM trap has huge power and many hunters are choosing to give the OoI a miss and save their scrap metal for the ACRONYM trap (scrap metal is not easy to come by).  At the Cats General Store you can purchase Salt, C&W, the Bead of Slumber, the Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints, the Mysterious Blueprints and the Ship Blueprints.  The Bead of Slumber if crafted with Obelisk parts will recraft your OoS in case you accidentally smash it.  You can also collect Ancient cheese potions here from various mice which will be useful for when you get to the Forbidden Grove where it is recommended that you use Ancient Cheese. 

THE FORBIDDEN GROVE and ACOLYTE REALM:   To unlock this area you need the Keeper’s Candle dropped by the Keeper Mouse in the Keeper MouseCatacombs. Once you have the candle, 2 new regions will open up on your travel screen; The Forbidden Grove (FG) and the Acolyte Realm (AR). While some hunters have had success with the OoS and OoI, my advice is to wait until you have the Acronym trap. The FG is a portal area and is NOT always available to travel to, even if you have the Candle. The area generally opens every 6 hours and you then have around 3 hours to spend there before you areRunic Cheese automatically teleported to the AR. You can stay in the AR as long as you like, either to farm Stale Cheese or use Runic Spectre Mousecheese to catch the Gorgon, Spectre, Gate Guardian, Reaper, Wight, Lich or Acolyte mice (if you’re REALLY REALLY lucky lol).  If you use Ancient cheese, you seem to get a lot of Gate Guardian mice and not much else. You really should be using Runic in the AR to be successful there.  In order to make Runic cheese, you need to get Runes (dropped by various mice in the FG and very very rarely by some mice in the AR) – you should be using Ancient cheese in the Forbidden Grove to have any success in catching the mice that drop these runes. The recipes for Ancient and Runic cheese are posted on the MHK group page.

RODENTIA:   If you have managed to pick up the ship blueprints from the Hydra mouse in the Lagoon, you need to purchase the rest of the ingredients from the Catacombs GS.  S.S Huntington IIYou will also need 900 splintered wood (from loot and Training Grounds GS) and quite a lot of scrap metal – see the blueprints for the recipe).  If you did not catch the blueprint carrying Hydra – never fear!  The blueprints can also be purchased from the Catacombs GS for a whopping 750,000 gold.  Once you have crafted your ship, a new travel location will become available and you may now travel to the new region of Rodentia where you can currently hunt on the S.S. Huntington II and try to gather the loot you need to get to the Tribal Isles. 

There is a new mouse type on the ship – Hydro mice.  You can purchase 2 types of Hydro traps and a new aqua base in the TrapsmithTelescope on the S.S. Huntington to hunt these new mice.  You will also need to catch a Shipwrecked mouse carrying a Sextant, a Captain mouse carrying a Telescope and a Bottled mouse carrying a Compass so you can craft your Ocean Navigation Kit and travel to the Tribal Isles.

The Tribal Isles:   Once you’ve crafted your ‘map’ piece from the Compass, Sextant and Telescope, a new region becomes available to travel to; The Tribal Isles.  The islands are made up of Cape Clawed, Derr Dunes, Elub Shore and Nerg Plains.

Tribal Isles

Cape Clawed:   This is where the cheeseshop and general store is located on the Tribal Isles so it makes a good first travel destination.  When you get Goudahere, use your Partybot/Chromebot if you have one, otherwise any of your top traps will do for now (ie. Ambush, DDB or Harpoon) with either Brie or SB.  From the cheeseshop you will need to purchase some Gouda for the Derr, Nerg and Elub islands, some coconut milt to craft the tribal cheeses and some plant pots to craft pepper plants.  You should also have a good stock of C&W and salt as you will need these to craft Island cheese.  Once you have made your purchases, its a good idea to head out to one of the other three Tribal islands.

Derr Dunes:   This island is where the physical mice live and it is surely the hardest of the three.  Your best bet is to use either your RhinohornPartybot/Chromebot or your DDB here.  My favorite bases areDelicous Stone the aqua and polar and I normally switch between these two with all traps and on all islands.  You should arm your trap with Gouda here (this is the same for the other two islands as well).  Once you’re set up, in between all the red and grey Crunchy Cheeseboxes, you should start catching some of the 8 Derr Tribe mice.  Their tribal colour is red and hopefully most of the mice you catch will drop ‘delicious stones’.  You will need to collect 30 of these stones to craft Crunchy cheese (see MHK for recipes).  Once you have crafted your 15 Crunchy cheese you should go back to Cape Clawed (CC) where you need to catch an Aged mouse with a Rhino horn as loot (some also drop stale SB).  When youGladiator Mouse have your Rhino horn (this may take a few times of back of forth between Derr and CC collecting stones and making Crunchy), you can craft your Rhinobot (the highest power physical trap in the game).  If you have any Crunchy left (or you can go collect more stones and craft more), you should go back to Derr Dunes and using your new Rhinobot, try to collect the other 3 Derr tribe mice that you can only attract when using Crunchy cheese; the Guardian, Gladiator and Derr Chieftain.  You will collect red pepper seeds from these three mice which can be used to craft red pepper plants.  Keep your fingers crossed that when you do catch that elusive Derr Chieftain that he drops the Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece.

Nerg Plains:   This island is where the tactical mice live.  You should be Gumbo Cheeseusing a good tactical trap here such as the Ambush/SnoB but you could also try your Partybot/Chromebot and see how you go.  You now need to go about collecting the 8 Nerg Tribe mice.Grandfather Mouse  Their tribal colour is Green and most of the mice you catch here will drop ‘savoury vegetables’ (the kids will hate this area lol).  As with stones, you need to collect 30 vegetables to craft 15 Gumbo cheese (see MHK for recipes).  Once you Vegetableshave your Gumbo head back to Cape Clawed (CC) and try to catch the Grandfather mouse with a Thorned Vine as loot.  When you have your vine (as with stones/Crunchy it may take more than just one lot of Gumbo, but you never know – some have been really lucky), you can craft your Horrific Venus Mouse Trap (the highest power tactical trap in the game).  If you have any Thorned VineGumbo left (or you can go collect more veges and craft more), you should go back to Nerg Plains and using your new Horrific VMT , try to collect the other 3 Nerg tribe mice that you can only attract when using Gumbo; the Defender, Slayer and Nerg Chieftain.  You will collect yellow pepper seeds from these three mice which can be used to craft yellow pepper plants.  Hopefully, you’ll also collect an Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece from the Nerg Chieftain.

Elub Shores:   This is the Hydro mice island.  You should be using your Harpoon or Net Cannon trap here or could go with the old faithfulShell Cheese Partybot/Chromebot.  You need to collect the 8 Elub Tribe mice here.  Their tribal colour is Blue and most Seashellof the mice you catch here will drop ‘seashells’.  As with stones, you need to collect 30 of these shells to craft 15 Shell Ancient Spearcheese (see MHK for recipes).  Once you have your Shell move to Cape Clawed (CC) to try to get the Elder mouse with an Ancient spear as loot.  When you have yourChampion Mouse spear you can craft your Ancient Spear Gun trap (the highest power Hydro trap in the game).  If you have any Shell left, you should go back to Elub and using your new Ancient Spear Gun, try to collect the 3 other Elub tribe mice that you can only attract when using Shell; the Protector, Champion and Elub Chieftain.  You will collect … you guessed it… blue pepper seeds from these three mice which can be used to craft blue pepper plants.  You’ll also need to collect the Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece from the Elub Chieftain mouse.  When you have all three pieces of the blueprint, you’ll need to purchase the Ancient Torn Blueprint piece from the Cape Clawed general store and craft these 4 pieces together to make the Ancient Box Trap blueprints which you will need to make your Acolyte trap.

Pepper plants:   In addition to the red, blue and yellow pepper plants that you can craft by collecting the seeds from the Derr, Nerg and Elub tribes, you can also craft orange, purple, green and white pepper plants.  For all these recipes, see the ‘Pepper Plant Recipes’ link on the right under the ‘Recipes’ page.


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